Please Love the Useless Me – Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai – JDorama Review


Just finished watching this drama and I love, love loved it!

Based on the manga and airing in Japan from Janurary to March 2016, Please Love the useless me is a light hearted romantic comedy that was very enjoyable to watch.

Michio Shibata is 30 years old, broke and stuck in relationship with a cute you guy who is only after her money. Her luck turns when she runs into her former tyrannical boss, Ayumu Kurosawa (whom she calls Shunin) who who ends up offering her a place to live and helps get her out of her financial difficulties and useless relationship. Shibata moves in with Kurosawa and finds a new job where she meets Daichi Mogami, a younger colleague who falls for her charms. Throw in Kurosawa’s ex girlfriend who still fancies him and his late brother’s widow, who he currently likes, and we have a nice recipe for some fun love stories.

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai-Shohei Miura.jpg

Shohei Miura


I started watching this drama for Shohei Miura, who I first fell in love with when he played Nakatsu in Hana Kimi. I’ve always been a fan and when I saw he was in a manga based romantic comedy the choice to watch it was pretty easy. His character in the show was adorable and I fell in love with him all over again.


While Mogami-kun was fantastic, what I loved most was the interactions and chemistry between the lead actors, Kyoko Fukada and Dean Fujioka. The scenes between Shibata and Shunin were mostly adorable and won me over in the end.

All the cute teeth brushing scenes were the best!

Highly recommended!

Download it at Jdramacity.


7 Days and Counting!

Everything is SHINing

This time next week I’ll be at the airport getting ready to fly off on an amazing adventure. 1 week to go!

Next on my list of top 10 adventures has to be…..

Juju Island

Beautiful beaches, picturesque walking tracks, waterfalls and volcanic craters, there is a reason why Juju Island is listed as one of the natural wonders of the world.

But is that why we are going there? Hahaha! Of course not.

Every fan of Korean Dramas would be able to roll off a list of dramas that have featured the beautiful island. Goong, Heartstrings, Lie to Me, Secret Garden, My Lovely Sam Soon and more recently Warm and Cozy are just a few of the dramas I’ve watched and can’t wait to re-live in person. One of our favourite Infinite Japan PVs also features the beautiful sights of this island in “She’s Back”. And let’s not forget the…

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So it’s finally time! I have been neglecting this blog, and I could say it’s because I’ve been busy preparing for an upcoming epic adventure. It’s not really, but I’m going to blame it anyway!

So in 10 days I’m heading off of a massive 3 month adventure with 2 of my fellow kpop/kdrama obsessed friends. We are travelling through Japan and South Korea with a goal of visiting all the locations where our fav mvs or shows have been filmed.

We also have plans to go to lots of concerts and fan meetings, including Super Junior, FTIsland, Hey! Say! JUMP, Big Bang and all the music shows, to name a few.

If you are interested in following our shenanigans, we will be blogging all about our adventures over at our travel blog – Everything Is SHINing. Please check us out!🙂



The day has finally come. N.Flying have been let out of the FNC vaults and into the Korean market. So what do you think?


As a massive CNBlue and  FTIsland fan I have been anticipating their debut. I hadn’t listened to their Japanese releases so I didn’t really know what to expect – and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. A band with a hip-hop concept is very unique and I love it! Rap Rock! Saying that, they do also have a very similar sound to CNBlue – especially in their Korean debut song. This is a good thing – CNBlue is FNC’s most successful band so ofcourse they would be trying to emulate some of that success.

If you haven’t watched their debut MV you should check it out now!

Here are the boys! Yay for them being a band and easy to identify! More babies for my noona heart to love. Though thankfully not too young.


I have now listened to their Japanese releases and really like them too. Especially their first single Basket. It has a great sound to it. Most of the songs from their second single are on their Korean album which is great. Check out the clip of Basket below! Their hair is particularly fantastic.

I really like their sound so far and I anticipate many more great releases to come.


Kpop – A Month in Review – April

Hooray! I’m up to date! And what a nice month to delve into Kpop mvs. April blessed us with an abundance of rookie boy group comebacks, and I liked them all! April also gave us some other great comebacks – so let’s check them out!

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SHINee’s BACK!!!!!

So is this not the best breaking KPop news of the year!?

It’s certainly been a long time coming! The boys have been so teasery lately with all the hair colours changes. Onew has pink hair, Taemin has purple, Jjong is back to white blonde and Key is all colours! BRING IT ON!!!

While you’re in a SHINee mood, why not reminisce with me over one of my favourite SHINee MVs… This has some of the best SHINee hair and some of the worst, but clearly the greatest dance ever.

SHINee’s BACK!!!!!