MYNAME are back!!!!!

Finally, after well over a year, MYNAME are back! YAY!!!

I have to say I am super happy with this comeback. It’s completely different from anything they have done before, in both Korea and Japan. It’s fun, funky, cute and dorky! Those are a few of my favourite things in Kpop! And let’s not mention the over abundance of my bias all over this MV – Yay! Jun Q – You are indeed back!

Check out MYNAMES’ comeback MV – 너무 very 막 (too very so MUCH)

2014 ~ My KPop Year

Wow. Can’t believe how quickly last year flew by – and this year doesn’t seem to be much better! Where did January disappear to? 2014 gave us some great – and a few not so great – moments in Kpop. Here are some of the things I enjoyed in 2014. What were your favourite things about 2014 in Kpop?

B1A4 : Lonely, Solo Day – Live in Concert

Bxz8p_yCAAErcQo I’m going to start off with a group who gave me a lot of feels last year – and not just when I got to high five them all when they came to my home town for a concert. B1A4 started off 2014 with one of my favourite albums of the year and a great comeback song, “Lonely” written and composed by their leader Jinyoung. Later in the year they followed it up with “Solo Day” which was another great song. The highlight of my B1A4 year though had to be seeing them live in concert and dancing along to Solo Day and all their other hits followed by the High Touch event we were able to attend after the concert. Let’s hope for an even more successful 2015 for them!

BAP – 1004 Angel – Live in Concert

20140508_201144_LLS Another highlight of the year – and also a contender for my favourite album and song had to be BAP. We don’t get many groups coming out to Australia, but last year we were lucky to have two! Going to BAP’s concert was fantastic. They were superb live. BAP were trying something different when they had their comeback with “1004Angel”. I loved it along with their whole album. Sadly the future of BAP is a bit uncertain at the moment. I was saddened when I heard they were having trouble with their company and not all that surprised when they filed a law suit against them. I feel BAP are strong though and will stick together to find a resolution to all their problems. I will look forward to their eventual comeback – hopefully with a company that can support them properly.

SMTOWN SOLO Bonanza – Henry, Taemin and Zhoumi

smsolo A highlight of 2013 was Henry’s solo debut. Finally his talent got to shine on a solo stage and so I was so very pleased to see him bring out another album last year. “Fantastic” was a great song and even saw Henry make a foray into the Japanese market. I can’t wait to see what more our talented Henry will bring us. Equally pleasing, if not a tiny bit more, was Zhoumi – the other forgotten member of Super Junior M – also being given an opportunity to show his stuff. I really love “Rewind” and was overjoyed with the success he had in Korea. I’ve always been a little bitter over how Henry and Zhoumi are not allowed to be “proper” members of Super Junior so I was happy that SM let them step out of the SuJu shadow and shine on their own. The absolute highlight of SMTOWN’s solo bonanza had to be Taemin however. I admit I was a little hesitant at first – I wanted a SHINee comeback – all or nothing, however Taemin put those doubts to rest when he debuted with “Danger”. This was such a good song and an amazing performance from our cute little Taeminnie who has grown up to be quite the talented man. (it is not ok that I am now ok with Taemin Abs)

And Kyu!!!! (Oops!)

I can’t believe I left out Kyuhyun’s solo debut! And what a debut it was. I was so pleased with the success Kyuhyun received for his awesome song and mini album. It really was a great collection of songs. The title track “At Gwanghwamun” showed Kyu in all his ballad singing glory. He really does have a divine voice. What pleased me just as much was the support he received from his fellow band mates. When Donghae came out when Kyu got his first win and sang with him it filled me with happiness! My favourite track from the album has to be “Flying Deep in the Night.” It’s such a fun song. I’d love to see Kyu singing it live.

SHINfinite – Debut of the Year – Toheart

My friends and I love mashing up our favourite groups and staging dream performances in our fantasies. SHINfinite was one of these. SHINee and Infinite together on the same stage became somewhat of a possibility when SMTOWN bought Woolim. Little did we realise our dream would become a reality. Two good friends, Key from SHINee and Woohuyn from Infinite formed a unit group and debuted as Toheart with the super fun song “Delicious”.  The live stages were great, Woohyun and Key had a blast and gave us such a cute MV. I really hope they comeback again soon.

Boyfriend – All grown up

Boyfriend are one of my favourite KPop groups. Sure I pretended I didn’t like them when I first saw their debut MV “Boyfriend”, but I secretly did and soon gave into the Boyfriend love. I adore their cutie boy image and their “cute” songs are some of my favs. Last year Boyfriend decided to shake up their image and music style and try something new. They first came back with “Obsession” which was definitely very different to their usual style. I loved it. The song was fantastic, they boys look was pretty hot and the mv with it’s Peter Pan story was pretty amazing. We didn’t have to wait long for another Boyfriend comeback – this time with “Witch” and another story book themed MV. This time it was Little Red Riding Hood and our Boyfriends were the wolves. What I loved most about this comeback were the live stages with all the different hot suits and the amazing choreography. Their change in image and style proved successful when they finally got a win on one of the music shows. I can’t wait for the next comeback!

Super Junior Comeback – Hey Mamacita!

Finally they were back! My most favourite group finally came back to the kpop scene after a two year long absence with “Mamacita” and the follow up, “This is Love”. I was not disappointed in the least. Mamacita was simply perfect. The over the top acting in the MV (thanks for the extended drama version SM) was hilarious – and very SuJu. I loved the song and all the live stages were great, and don’t they just look so fine in those suits! Can’t wait for a comeback once my bias gets back from the army! 3 months to go! Wooo!


Had to throw this one in. I have followed BTS since their debut and really got into them when they released “O!RUL8,2?”. Last year my love for my Bangtan Boys grew immensely. I even locked them into my top ten kpop groups – which is pretty hard to get in to. “Boy in Luv” was a great song and album, as was “Danger” and it’s album “Dark and Wild”. Their Bangtan Bomb videos on youtube kill me frequently. They are all so cute together and such dorks. I love it! It was their follow up song to “Danger”, “War on Hormone” that really got me though and I can blame that boy up there in the middle of that photo. Oh Taehyung…. All the live stages were just so much fun.

Giving in to JPop!

I was fairly determined not to go there. I already love too many Kpop groups and Jpop could only lead to bad things. HAHAHA! I guess it was inevitable. I blame the cute JDramas I’ve been binging on recently.

It all started with a cute drama a fellow blogger recommended called “Water Polo Yankees”.Water_Polo_Yankees_(Suikyu_Yankisu)-p1 It was a great little high school drama about fighting for what you believe in and not giving up. It was also slightly ridiculous and filled with cute boys parading around in speedos. The lead actor in the drama was Yuto Nakajima. I found out he was in a JPop group along with another actor in the show Yuya Takaki and so I had to check them out. I watched a few of their PVs and loved them – but I was still resisting at this point.

A few more cute JDramas and JMovies later I started watching “Sprout“. This was another cute high school romance JDrama about finding your fated love. Upon investigating the cute lead I was slightly horrified to learn he, Yuri Chinen, was also in the same JPop group. It was around this time that I decided to give in.

The group is Hey! Say! JUMP. I very quickly added all their music to itunes and loved listening to all of it, however I wasn’t truly obsessed until I watched yet another JDrama staring yet another member. The drama was “Perfect Son” and Perfect_Son_(Risou_no_Musuko)-p1starred Ryosuke Yamada and OMG! I love him soooo much! He made my noona heart flutter and solidified my love for him and his whole group. Perfect Son is an adorably hilarious drama about the relationship between a mother and son. It really was a super fun drama and also had Yuto Nakajima in it to who is quickly becoming my second fav member.

Here is their latest song (and the theme song for Water Polo Yankees – Asu e no YELL. Weekender, from the same single, is also awesome.

So there we have it. My first JPop love. I feel like I have a lot to learn when it comes to JPop. I’m going to ease myself in and just be obsessed with one group for now. I haven’t been completely ignoring the JPop word – just resisting, so I do know a few groups – but if you have any recommendations please share them!


BIGFLO are Back!!!

Hooray! It seems like so long ago that Bigflo hit the Korean market with a bang and immediately cemented themselves as my favourite debut group for the year. I only just wrote about how I longed for a comeback in my last blog post and literally the next day they delivered the good news!

Today they released the MV for Bad Mama Jama – the title track off their upcoming second mini album. I have to say I am super pleased with it. The song is great! I love it’s funky beat and catchy lyrics. The MV is equally great. The styling is very nice and the different sets are perfect for the song. I also love the dance! It’s cute and fun and the boys look great!

Great work Bigflo!!! Check it out an be prepared to have it stuck in your head! I know I do!

If you missed their debut song – Delilah – you should check it out!


Kpop – A Month in Review – October

After a relatively quite month, October happened. Comebacks and debuts galore! This top 10 was a difficult one for me to rank, but it came together in the end… What was your favourite MV for October? Could you choose?

Top MV’s Korea

1. Boyfriend – Witch

Coming in at number 1 for October had to be Boyfriend with their hot comeback, “Witch”. I have to say I love the new direction Boyfriend are going with their two latest comebacks. I really hope they keep up the theme of “storybook” plots. ‘Obsession’ gave us ‘Peter Pan’ and now ‘Witch’ gives us ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. I really enjoyed this MV. The dace is great with the moving red curtains and the costumes are hot. I really did enjoy the multitude of hot suits Boyfriend wore in all their live stage. As I said earlier, the plot for the MV was loosely based on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ with the boys playing the “Big Bad Wolves”. They appear to just want to live normal human lives, however a girl with a red hood sets them us and takes them out in a bit of a lame fight scene. If you are a fellow Boyfriend fan you should definitely check out this video. Boyfriend got their first ever win on ‘The Show’ for ‘Witch’ and it made me soo happy.

2. Super Junior – This is Love ft. Evanesce

Super Junior came back with their follow up song for ‘Mamacita’ this month, ‘This is Love’. Once again SM utilise the one shot technique to film and it works really well in this MV using different scenes around the circular room. I thought it was very clever, mixing up the members and showing off their good looks – I mean talents. Suju also released ‘Evanesce’ in MV form this month which I was super pleased about as I loved it on the album. It’s filmed using the same set as ‘This is Love’ but is much more angsty with dead leaves and what have you. Both songs are great and a good follow up to ‘Mamacita’. The only problem is that each member released their own album and now I need them all.. Don’t know whyyyyyy! Tell me whyyyyy!!!

3. BTS – War of Homemone (호르몬 전쟁)

It’s fair to say my BTS feels are pretty epic at the moment and ‘War of Hormone’ was the icing on the cake. I just love everything there is about this MV. The styling is the best, the filming is clever and the boys are just beyond cute. Did I mention V had pink and purple hair? Coz V totally has the cutest pink and purple hair ever! The greatest thing about this promotion however were the live stages with the cutest choreography, which V totally owned, and all the different solo moments for each live stage. Suga’s probably broke me the most (Check it out around the 2.55 mark – but prepare yourself to be overwhelmed). I just loved this so much and am so sad their promotions are over.

4. VIXX – Error

I feel a little bad putting VIXX down to 4th, but it had to be. VIXX really have an ability to take a song to a whole other level – which is once again shown with their comeback this month. ‘Error’ really is something else and definitely a song I can not get sick of listening to. It really was a good comeback and I’m please VIXX were recognised for it with a few wins on music shows. I liked the MV. VIXX showed us something new with the whole android concept. Hongbinnie was just perfect acting in this MV. I enjoyed the styling (we just won’t mention the thing on Ravi’s head) and the choreography was great.

5. Beast -12시 30분 (12:30)

Beast are back again, but this time with a pop ballad. This is okay with me for I firmly believe Beast are one of the most vocally talented groups out there. I really do like ’12:30′. The song is just perfect and the boys look great. I don’t entirely get the plot, but I get the bitter angsty vibes and the whole concept that at 12:30 the hands of the clock are furthest apart, just like their love… But is the girl dead? She looks pretty dead to me…

6. Zhoumi – Rewind

SM get a lot of hate, but let’s just take a moment to celebrate them doing something so very right. ZHOUMI GOT A SOLO DEBUT!!!!!!!!!! And I really like it. Sure I may have been blinded somewhat but how very good looking he it, those legs just go on forever and the abs, which were absolutely necessary, were very much appreciated. Aside form that I really liked the song with it’s R&B feel. I probably like the Chinese version slightly more, but that’s more to do with the fact that Tao is my bias in EXO and his rap is great! Well done Zhoumi!

7. B.I.G – Are You Ready? (준비됐나요)

On to my Rookies! You probably either loved or hated B.I.G’s debut song ‘Hello‘. If you were in the later category it’s time to give them a second chance. I was firmly in the “loved it” camp and was super excited to see them come back so soon after their debut. All rookies need to do this (Bigflo I’m looking at you) as it reassures us you still exist! I really enjoyed this MV. It’s cute, poppy and there is cute colourful hair! The plot, styling and setting are all great and the song is super catchy. 준비됐나요!

8. UNIQ – Falling In Love

My favourite debut for October has to be UNIQ with their song “Falling in Love”. I mostly like the song, but the MV is good too. I have a weakness for school uniforms and cute boys so they got me there. The only thing that gets me about this MV it that game they are playing! Does anyone know what it it? I am intrigued! I look forward to more good music form UNIQ! Fighting!

9. Topp Dogg – Annie

Topp Dogg sure are busy! Initially I wasn’t won over by this comeback but it has really grown on me over time. ‘Annie’ essentially pays homage to early 90’s pop. I really like the song and the MV is actually very clever. They whole scrolling building with all the little scenes is great. I appreciated the helpful names and love the MC Hammer inspired dance.

10. Strawberry Milk (Crayon Pop) – OK!

Coming in at number 10 for October, by the tip f their cute little straws has to be Crayon Pop’s new sub unit Strawberry Milk with ‘OK!’. It’s just so cute and fun that I had to put it in at number 10. The song of fun to sing and dance along to and the MV is pink overload, but a lot of fun.


KPop – A Month in Review – September

I went to write a post for October and realised I had completely missed September! Oops! Luckily it was a pretty light month in Kpop. Still had some great comebacks though! Here are my favourite MVs from September.

Top MVs

1. BtoB – 넌 감동이야 (You’re So Fly)

My favourite comeback for September would have to be from one of my favourite Idol groups – BtoB. I am super pleased that BtoB have settled into a style that suits them so well. BtoB are fun, cute and massively dorky and ‘You’re So Fly’ is exactly that. The MV is quite silly with it’s plot and the boys pull it of fantastically. I loved the choreography and who doesn’t love a catchy la la la. I really enjoyed their promotions for this song and was sad when they finished them up. Peniel always added something special at the end – their final performance had the best ending. :D

2. Teen Top – Missing (쉽지않아)

I have a lot of love for Teen Top. They are locked into my top 10 and I even joined their fan club this year. Yeah! I’m an official Angel! Exito was quite a different album for them. Much more slower with a more mature sound. The boys are also showing they are growing up with some great looks in this MV, though to me, they always will look younger then everyone else. I really enjoyed this song and were pleased the boys got some wins for it. The plot for the MV is very dark and angsty. CAP and L.Joe did a good job acting out their parts. Great to see a group growing and evolving their music style. I’m interested to see what Teen Top bring us next.

3. 2PM – 미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!)

Well! Though I miss hot and sexy 2PM – have to say dorky 2PM are not too bad! This is a very fun and silly song and MV. It looked like they had a lot of fun with this song. Aside from a few questionable wardrobe choices – the live stages were great too! I had a lot of Jun K feels after this song came out, well it’s mostly been since his album came out. He has a great voice – and, in my opinion, one of the most sexiest voices in Kpop. Sorry Nichkhun – think you’ve been pushed out of bias position.

4. Ailee – 손대지마 Don’t Touch Me

All my ladies clap! Gotta love an Ailee come back where she’s belting out such a good song. Ailee dominated music shows early in October – and the wins were well deserved. This was a good comeback. I love the song and have added it to my list of “must learn to sing at norebang” songs.

5. T-ARA – Sugar Free

In a month dominated by girl group comebacks/debuts, T-ARA came back with a song I felt stood out from the rest. It’s a great dance song. T-ARA aren’t being over the top sexy or cute, something which can often spoil a girl group song for me. I liked the choreography and the catchy chorus. Well done T-ARA – you have a new fan in me.

So that’s my top 5 for September. There were some other songs I enjoyed too. 틈 – The Space Between by SoYou and Urban Zakapa and I Think I’m In Love by Juniel were really cute and fun songs and MVs. Girls Generation – TTS’s Holler was also a good comeback. New boy group ZPZG (whom I have dubbed Zippy Ziggy) debuted with a cute song – Go Crazy. Nothing bad about more cute boys in Kpop I say! Check them out.

The Sunshine Award Part 2!


I was nominated for another Sunshine award. Many thank’s to Kpop On My Mind!  As this is my second nomination I’ve taken some liberties and decorated this post with my Boyfriends! Thankfully they are still cute over in Japan! You can check out my first Sunshine award here.

The Guidelines!sunshine

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.
  • Put the award button on your blog.

1. What is your dream job?

Paid travel blogger. I would be paid to travel around the world and post blog entries on my travels.

2. If you could go to any concert, whose would it be?

Super Junior! They would be my number 1 top choice. My goals in life for 2015 include going to a Super Junior Concert – hopefully their 10th anniversary special one which I’m hoping will be a thing and that it happens while I’m over in Korea next year!

3. What made you write your very first blog post?

Well my very first blog post ever was in a collaborative writing community, but essentially it is the same as most blog posts. I wrote because I wanted to share my writing with others. Now I’m more centered on sharing my kpop squee with others! :)

4. Three Kdramas (or any show if you don’t watch Kdramas) that you would recommend.

This year I have loved “You’re All Surrounded”. I really enjoyed watching it and Lee Seung Gi is sooo good in it. I would recommend most of his dramas! I also really love “Masters Sun”. This is a drama I love to re-watch along with “Flower Boy Next Door”. Choosing only 3 is hard!

5. Does anyone in your family read your blog? (parents, siblings…)

Nope. They are all well aware of my Kpop addiction, however they don’t venture on to my blog.


Bring it on!!! (“I’m You’re Boy” had the cutest photo books!)

6. If you could pick one K-celebrity to meet, who
would it be and why?

Onew!  As my ultimate bias I love him the most out of everyone. He’s cute, funny and an absolute dork. I fell in love with him early on in my kpop obsession and my love for him has only grown! I would love to see him smile in person, and if it happened to be in my direction I’d more then likely melt.

Hope you enjoyed my post! I have already nominated some people for The Sunshine Award, but while we are sharing the Sunshine – I nominate you! Here are my questions…


* What inspired you to start blogging?

* What is your favourite thing to blog about?

*How would you, ideally, spend a day off?

* What do you like doing to cheer yourself up when you are feeling down?

*What are the top 5 songs you currently can’t get enough of?

* You’ve won front tickets to any concert of your choice. Who are you going to go see?