KPop – A Month in Review – September

I went to write a post for October and realised I had completely missed September! Oops! Luckily it was a pretty light month in Kpop. Still had some great comebacks though! Here are my favourite MVs from September.

Top MVs

1. BtoB – 넌 감동이야 (You’re So Fly)

My favourite comeback for September would have to be from one of my favourite Idol groups – BtoB. I am super pleased that BtoB have settled into a style that suits them so well. BtoB are fun, cute and massively dorky and ‘You’re So Fly’ is exactly that. The MV is quite silly with it’s plot and the boys pull it of fantastically. I loved the choreography and who doesn’t love a catchy la la la. I really enjoyed their promotions for this song and was sad when they finished them up. Peniel always added something special at the end – their final performance had the best ending. :D

2. Teen Top – Missing (쉽지않아)

I have a lot of love for Teen Top. They are locked into my top 10 and I even joined their fan club this year. Yeah! I’m an official Angel! Exito was quite a different album for them. Much more slower with a more mature sound. The boys are also showing they are growing up with some great looks in this MV, though to me, they always will look younger then everyone else. I really enjoyed this song and were pleased the boys got some wins for it. The plot for the MV is very dark and angsty. CAP and L.Joe did a good job acting out their parts. Great to see a group growing and evolving their music style. I’m interested to see what Teen Top bring us next.

3. 2PM – 미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!)

Well! Though I miss hot and sexy 2PM – have to say dorky 2PM are not too bad! This is a very fun and silly song and MV. It looked like they had a lot of fun with this song. Aside from a few questionable wardrobe choices – the live stages were great too! I had a lot of Jun K feels after this song came out, well it’s mostly been since his album came out. He has a great voice – and, in my opinion, one of the most sexiest voices in Kpop. Sorry Nichkhun – think you’ve been pushed out of bias position.

4. Ailee – 손대지마 Don’t Touch Me

All my ladies clap! Gotta love an Ailee come back where she’s belting out such a good song. Ailee dominated music shows early in October – and the wins were well deserved. This was a good comeback. I love the song and have added it to my list of “must learn to sing at norebang” songs.

5. T-ARA – Sugar Free

In a month dominated by girl group comebacks/debuts, T-ARA came back with a song I felt stood out from the rest. It’s a great dance song. T-ARA aren’t being over the top sexy or cute, something which can often spoil a girl group song for me. I liked the choreography and the catchy chorus. Well done T-ARA – you have a new fan in me.

So that’s my top 5 for September. There were some other songs I enjoyed too. 틈 – The Space Between by SoYou and Urban Zakapa and I Think I’m In Love by Juniel were really cute and fun songs and MVs. Girls Generation – TTS’s Holler was also a good comeback. New boy group ZPZG (whom I have dubbed Zippy Ziggy) debuted with a cute song – Go Crazy. Nothing bad about more cute boys in Kpop I say! Check them out.

The Sunshine Award Part 2!


I was nominated for another Sunshine award. Many thank’s to Kpop On My Mind!  As this is my second nomination I’ve taken some liberties and decorated this post with my Boyfriends! Thankfully they are still cute over in Japan! You can check out my first Sunshine award here.

The Guidelines!sunshine

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1. What is your dream job?

Paid travel blogger. I would be paid to travel around the world and post blog entries on my travels.

2. If you could go to any concert, whose would it be?

Super Junior! They would be my number 1 top choice. My goals in life for 2015 include going to a Super Junior Concert – hopefully their 10th anniversary special one which I’m hoping will be a thing and that it happens while I’m over in Korea next year!

3. What made you write your very first blog post?

Well my very first blog post ever was in a collaborative writing community, but essentially it is the same as most blog posts. I wrote because I wanted to share my writing with others. Now I’m more centered on sharing my kpop squee with others! :)

4. Three Kdramas (or any show if you don’t watch Kdramas) that you would recommend.

This year I have loved “You’re All Surrounded”. I really enjoyed watching it and Lee Seung Gi is sooo good in it. I would recommend most of his dramas! I also really love “Masters Sun”. This is a drama I love to re-watch along with “Flower Boy Next Door”. Choosing only 3 is hard!

5. Does anyone in your family read your blog? (parents, siblings…)

Nope. They are all well aware of my Kpop addiction, however they don’t venture on to my blog.


Bring it on!!! (“I’m You’re Boy” had the cutest photo books!)

6. If you could pick one K-celebrity to meet, who
would it be and why?

Onew!  As my ultimate bias I love him the most out of everyone. He’s cute, funny and an absolute dork. I fell in love with him early on in my kpop obsession and my love for him has only grown! I would love to see him smile in person, and if it happened to be in my direction I’d more then likely melt.

Hope you enjoyed my post! I have already nominated some people for The Sunshine Award, but while we are sharing the Sunshine – I nominate you! Here are my questions…


* What inspired you to start blogging?

* What is your favourite thing to blog about?

*How would you, ideally, spend a day off?

* What do you like doing to cheer yourself up when you are feeling down?

*What are the top 5 songs you currently can’t get enough of?

* You’ve won front tickets to any concert of your choice. Who are you going to go see?



KPop Evolution – Boyfriend

2014 has seen quite a few groups attempting something a bit different with their music style. I would say groups do this for one of two reasons; either they have been around for a while and have a solid enough fan base so that they are able to try something a little different and allow their group to grow, or their current concept has only got them so far and it’s time for a change if they want to go further.

We have seen it this year with popular groups like B.A.P and Infinite. While not to the liking of all fans both groups successfully promoted their change in style and overall have been able to increase the range and depth of their performances. Another group attempting a change this year has been Boyfriend.

Donghyun shared this pic of Infinite and Boyfriend on his twitter. Both groups were having a comeback with a new style. Infinite with 'Last Romeo' and Boyfriend with 'Obsession'.

Boyfriend’s leader Donghyun shared this photo of Infinite and Boyfriend on his twitter. Both groups were having a comeback with a new style. Infinite with ‘Last Romeo’ and Boyfriend with ‘Obsession’.

When Boyfriend debuted fans were concerned they had limited their appeal by debuting with what can only be called, the cutest cutie boy band debut ever. It was probably true – in my experience you either like the cutie boy groups, or you don’t. I have to admit, when I initially got into Kpop it wasn’t for me, but they won me over and now Boyfriend’s ‘Boyfriend‘ is one of my favorite MVs and Boyfriend sit at 7th place in my top 10. While they have promoted quite a few different songs in Korea, they still haven’t been able to shake that cutie boy image and make a breakthrough in the Korean market.

In June this year Boyfriend finally made a Korean comeback with a whole new, much more mature, image. Not only was ‘Obsession‘ a change of music style, but the groups whole concept made a change, from cute boys, to mature men. I really loved ‘Obsession’. the song was catchy and the MV was great with a fantastic dance and story. Their album performed a little better their their previous mini album and the song did well on music show charts though didn’t quite manage to crack into the top 40 on the Korean Gaon chart.

Thankfully we haven’t had to wait too long for them to attack the Korean market again with an even hotter comeback! Set for release tomorrow, Boyfriend’s new mini album, ‘Witch’ looks amazing. The MV, which I’m hoping will be out any moment now, shows the boys as vampires! The teaser came out a while ago, along with a teaser for another track from the album, ‘White Out.‘ The boys have already been hard at work promoting ‘Witch’ on music shows this week and I have to say – as much as I loved ‘Obsession’ this is so much better. I’m really hoping it does well for the boys. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the live stage for ‘Witch’!

What do you think of Boyfriend’s change? Were you a fan of before, or are you now? Are you looking forward to Witch as much as me? :)


SHINee, FT Island and Got7 comeback in Japan

While we’ve been missing them in Korea, some of our favourite groups are releasing some great songs in Japan, or making a fresh debut. What do you think of these Japanese releases?

First on the list is my 2nd most favourite group of all time, SHINee! SHINee have been making headlines recently over the success of their new Japanese album “I’m Your Boy”. The album contains some of their recent Japanese singles including, “Boy Meet U”, “Lucky Star” and “3 2 1″. Sadly Universal Japan only release short versions of MVs so if you want to watch the full version you have to buy the cds. Luckily you can still catch “Downtown Baby”, the new MV from the album, in full on Daily Motion. I love the MV for it! So bright and colourful with a great dance. I’m also super happy Onew is back and singing. The album is great! I got Version A in the mail this week and was thrilled with it.

Next on the list is FT Island. While not my top group (they are in my top 5), FT Island probably have my most favourite Korean and Japanese music. I listen to them all the time and can never get enough. Today they released the full MV for their upcoming self composed single “To The Light”. This is the 14th single from FT Island and another is a series of awesome songs. I just can’t get enough of their Japanese music which is why I’m thrilled FNC Ent. are finally letting FT Island release an album in Korea with Korean versions of all their great Japanese song. I really like this PV. The black and white affect with the smoke and spotlights compliment the great rock ballad so well. I love it when the colour creeps back in at the end of the MV too. The song itself is just beautiful. Jaejin’s smooth vocals go so well with Hongki’s powerful voice. When Hongki comes in with the chorus it’s just fantastic. I already have the single pre-ordered and look forward to it’s release on the 15th.

Last for today is the new PV from Got7 heralding their official debut in Japan. I’ve been sucked into loving these rookies. I made the mistake of watching Dream High 2 and became attached to JB and Jr so when their debuted as part of Got7 I was super happy to jump on board as a fan. Today they released a new song in Japan called “Around the World”. I think it’s great that they are debuting over there with a brand new song and not just a Japaneses version of one of their Korean songs, as the majority of other Korean groups usually do. Go Got7! The song is pretty good and I love the colourful MV. It shows off the groups acrobatic dance skills quite well and is fun to watch. Their single comes out on the 22nd and is also on my pre-order list.

BtoB back again!

And all I can say is YAY!

I’m loving the look of these teasers. I’m just thrilled that BtoB have finally settled on their style of music. I love them as funny, lovable dorks the best! After all, that is who they are.

“넌 감동이야 (You’re So Fly)” is looking like another fun song – along the lines of “뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep)” which I loved a lot!

The first teaser was hilarious featuring a funny comedy duo and the second teaser showed us a bit of the song and choreography. I’m loving it so far! The boys are all looking great! Especially my bias – the most dorkiest leader ever – Eunkwangie.

Are you looking forward to BtoB’s comeback?

B1A4 – Road Trip to Melbourne!

Last night I got to attend another fantastic Kpop concert! This time the stars were B1A4 and they were AMAZING!

Being held in one of our more prestigious theaters in Melbourne, this was one of the more civilized concerts I’ve been to. We all has assigned seating so we didn’t have to queue up at the break of dawn to get a good spot and we had plenty of room around us – even when the boys got us all up and dancing. The most special thing about this concert though was that all the VIP seat holder got to attend a High Touch event after the concert. Yes that is right! I got to meet B1A4 – stare them in the eye, give them a high five and personally thank them for coming to Australia for a concert! I TOUCHED SANDUEL!!!OMG!!!! *cue fangirl meltdown*

So the whole night was great. We had great seats, not too far from the stage. They were so good live and had a great live band backing them up. They started the evening with “O.K” and followed this with a set of their more slower songs. One particular highlight of that set was the acoustic rendition of “Tried to Walk” where all the crowd were screaming out the fan chants. I’m sure we surprised them with that. They wrapped up that set with “Lonely and “Solo Day” which were both so fantastic!

20140918_183144_LLS (1)

My view of the stage!

After that they got us all up and dancing to “Whats Happening” and my favourite song from their latest album “Glass of Water”. We kept dancing away for the rest of the concert right up until their final song “Baby Good Night”.


Baby Goodnight!

The boys were all so cute – speaking English and giving lots of amazing fan service. Jinyoung and CNU even came down into the crowd to take some photos near the end of the concert. After that we made out way out of the theater, High Fiving the boys of our way out.



The Sunshine Award


I was fortunate enough to be chosen for The Sunshine Award. The Sunshine Award goes out to bloggers who are positive, creative and inspiring with their blogging. It’s essentially a fun way to get to know a bit more about fellow bloggers and to share a little “sunshine”. Thank you for the nomination Jamie The Drama Noona! Here are my answers to Jamie’s questions.

The Guidelines!sunshine

  • Thank the person who nominated you
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* How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging nearly 10 years ago now. I was part of a writing community and we used Live Journal to post our stories. I started blogging on there at first and moved over to WordPress in 2012 after I got hooked on Kpop and Kdramas and wanted to write more about them. I quickly became addicted and loved the blogging community. You all reassure me I’m not  alone in my obsessions! :)

* How do you come up with content for your blog?

I am, at heart, a massive fangirl. Most of my posts would probably fall under that umbrella. Fangirling about Kdramas, fangirling about Kpop, fangirling about cute boys in Kdramas and KPop. There is a bit of a theme there somewhere! :) I would love to write more, but I’m unfortunately very skilled at procrastination.

* What are some blogs that you look up to and admire?

I really enjoy all of my fellow noona bloggers. I suppose I can relate a lot to what they/you post about the most. I also love how we come from so many different parts of the world. I find it amazing!

* What genres of dramas do you feel the most drawn to?

I am definitely a fan of the rom-coms. This would have to be my number one favorite type of drama to watch. Though I am partial to most genres so long as they have a bit of romance in them. I am quite in to supernatural themes as well. I love the ghosts, magic powers and hot aliens *cough* Do Min Joon *cough*.

* When you aren’t watching Asian Dramas, what types of shows are you watching?

I used to watch a lot of western shows, but ever since getting into KDramas I don’t have much time for them anymore. I still enjoy watching Survivor and The Amazing Race when they are on. I’m a huge Dr Who fan and tune into that each week. I’m also somewhat obsessed with Supernatural and just recently caught up on the last few season of that so now I all up to date! Game of Thrones is another series I caught up on recently. I have some holidays coming up soon and have PLANS to catch up on some other shows I used to love watching.

* Who is your all time favorite character from a drama that you’ve watched?


Wow. This turned out to be much harder to answer then I thought it would. I’m going to have to go for a character I really loved.

Enrique Geum from Flower Boy Next Door played by Yoon Si Yoon.

I just adored everything about Eunrique. Yoon Si Yoon did an awesome job depicting his cute and quirky nature. I loved it!

So now it’s time for my questions and nominees.


* What inspired you to start blogging?

* What is your favourite thing to blog about?

*How would you, ideally, spend a day off?

* What do you like doing to cheer yourself up when you are feeling down?

*What are the top 5 songs you currently can’t get enough of?

* You’ve won front tickets to any concert of your choice. Who are you going to go see?


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