The Sunshine Award


I was fortunate enough to be chosen for The Sunshine Award. The Sunshine Award goes out to bloggers who are positive, creative and inspiring with their blogging. It’s essentially a fun way to get to know a bit more about fellow bloggers and to share a little “sunshine”. Thank you for the nomination Jamie The Drama Noona! Here are my answers to Jamie’s questions.

The Guidelines!sunshine

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.
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* How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging nearly 10 years ago now. I was part of a writing community and we used Live Journal to post our stories. I started blogging on there at first and moved over to WordPress in 2012 after I got hooked on Kpop and Kdramas and wanted to write more about them. I quickly became addicted and loved the blogging community. You all reassure me I’m not  alone in my obsessions! :)

* How do you come up with content for your blog?

I am, at heart, a massive fangirl. Most of my posts would probably fall under that umbrella. Fangirling about Kdramas, fangirling about Kpop, fangirling about cute boys in Kdramas and KPop. There is a bit of a theme there somewhere! :) I would love to write more, but I’m unfortunately very skilled at procrastination.

* What are some blogs that you look up to and admire?

I really enjoy all of my fellow noona bloggers. I suppose I can relate a lot to what they/you post about the most. I also love how we come from so many different parts of the world. I find it amazing!

* What genres of dramas do you feel the most drawn to?

I am definitely a fan of the rom-coms. This would have to be my number one favorite type of drama to watch. Though I am partial to most genres so long as they have a bit of romance in them. I am quite in to supernatural themes as well. I love the ghosts, magic powers and hot aliens *cough* Do Min Joon *cough*.

* When you aren’t watching Asian Dramas, what types of shows are you watching?

I used to watch a lot of western shows, but ever since getting into KDramas I don’t have much time for them anymore. I still enjoy watching Survivor and The Amazing Race when they are on. I’m a huge Dr Who fan and tune into that each week. I’m also somewhat obsessed with Supernatural and just recently caught up on the last few season of that so now I all up to date! Game of Thrones is another series I caught up on recently. I have some holidays coming up soon and have PLANS to catch up on some other shows I used to love watching.

* Who is your all time favorite character from a drama that you’ve watched?


Wow. This turned out to be much harder to answer then I thought it would. I’m going to have to go for a character I really loved.

Enrique Geum from Flower Boy Next Door played by Yoon Si Yoon.

I just adored everything about Eunrique. Yoon Si Yoon did an awesome job depicting his cute and quirky nature. I loved it!

So now it’s time for my questions and nominees.


* What inspired you to start blogging?

* What is your favourite thing to blog about?

*How would you, ideally, spend a day off?

* What do you like doing to cheer yourself up when you are feeling down?

*What are the top 5 songs you currently can’t get enough of?

* You’ve won front tickets to any concert of your choice. Who are you going to go see?


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KPop – A Month in Review – August


August was the month I was waiting for! My favorite group FINALLY had a comeback. There was also some other great offerings making for another difficult month of ranking. Did you like what August had to offer in Kpop? What were your favorite MVs?

Top MVs – Korea

1. Super Junior – Mamacita

Hey Mamacita nega ayayayaya! SuJu are back and it is amazing. I was not let down one tiny little bit by this MV. It is a fun song, great vocals (mostly from Kyuhyun and Ryeowook) and the dance is fantastic! I love the Spanish/Wild West theme and the amusing a plot – which made a whole lot more sense after the drama version came out. The outfits are great – especially the red suits. I am so happy Leeteuk is back! I bought the album yesterday and was very happy with it’s beautiful cover. It has lots of great songs too! It’s definitely worth having a listen to if you liked Mamacita!

2. Big Byung – Stress, Come On

Debut of the month! If it had of been anyone else, this ridiculously funny MV would have been number 1, but alas, Super Junior came back and now Big Byung is relegated the number 2 spot. I just love this MV, though I am a huge fan of VIXX, BtoB and Got7 so that helps. This group was put together by Hungdon and Defconn of “Weekly Idol” fame on their new variety show called “Hitmaker”. It is a pretty funny show and the song they came up with his hilarious. SungJae from BtoB is classic in his derp face role, N from Vixx just cracks me up – he is most definitely NOT a rapper. Huyk is cute and did a great job and Jackson form Got7, well he was clearly made for this! I just love it all.

3. Taemin – Danger

This month I got to experience my proudest noona moment ever. When Taemin got his first win on Music Bank I was so very happy for him, and thrilled my SuJu boys were there to celebrate with him. Then the next day when I was watching Music Core and they were about to announce the winner – I was feeling so nervous. When he was announced as the winner I literally cheered and danced around the room. Such a deserving victory. I love Danger. It’s a great song and the MV showcased just how great Taemin is, with his dancing, singing and performing as a solo artist. SHINee are very close to my heart, and I have to admit I was a little unsure when it was first announced he was going solo. I’m so very happy he got to experience so much success with this release and I can’t wait to see what he’ll bring next time.

4. BTS – Danger

Very happy that the cute Bangtan Boys had a great comeback this month. I’ve been a fan for a while now and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of their comebacks. I tuned in for the showcase and was very excited when I heard their new song. I really like “Danger”.  All the boys have a lot of talent, but Jimin definitely steals the show during the live stages with his powerful vocals. The performance is great too and full of energy. These boys always have great dance routines. I really hope they get a win soon. They definitely deserve one.

5. Orange Caramel – My Copy Cat

So this MV was amazing! If you’re gonna be a fan of just one girl group – choose Orange Caramel! They have the best songs and MVs! The girls were back again with a great concept. The dance is energetic and fun and the outfits are fantastic. I love the MV with all the “Spot the Difference” games and “Where’s Wally” references. The live stages have been even more amazing! They have had a different concept for every stage, from Where’s Wally to Michael Jackson. The best one would have to be the “Frozen” stage though! Loved it!

6. Red Velvet – Happiness

This month SM Entertainment debuted a new girl group. It was a bit of a rocky start for Red Velvet with problems with their name and then the MV, but on the whole the power of SM pulled them through fairly well. They even got some nominations for wins on some music shows, and well deserved too. I was really happy with their debut. All the girls in Red Velvet are excellent vocalists and this song shows off their skills well. The MV is bright, colourful and fun and the song is very catchy. It’s really fun to sing along to. La la la la la la la HAPPINESS!

7. Royal Pirates – Love Toxic

Royal Pirates are one of my KRock favorites. I really like their music and the boys are really nice. Love Toxic is a good song. The MV is ok – nothing amazing. Moon is very cute walking around chasing the girl, but I only have eyes for hot bass player James. ;) I hope to see a lot more from Royal Pirates in the future and I hope they can experience the success they deserve. That’s not something easy for a rock band to achieve in a pop dominated culture.

8. High4 – Headache

High4 finally brought out a song all on their own this month! They had a lot of success with their debut, thanks to IU and then Lim Kim, so it was good to see them promoting using their own strengths. I like the song. Very summer pop and upbeat. The MV is cute, bright and colourful – everything I like in a good MV. :) I’m not so sure about the strange dance break though. It’s a bit out of sync with the song. Thankfully it’s not actually part of the real song and just seems like they wanted to show off some their dance skills during the live performances.

9. JJCC – Bing Bing Bing (One Way)

More rookie comebacks! This time from Jack Chan’s Idol group JJCC. I really liked their first song, but with Jackie Chan behind them I was hanging out for a song full of energy which could show off some of their skills. This song certainly did that. I was excited to see some collaboration with the K-Tigers too. Their performances always impress me. This was a pretty catchy song. I liked it a lot and the performance is very impressive – especially that push up move.

10. AlphaBAT – Oh My Gosh!

Well I just have to put my AlphaBAT boys in here. I have a super huge soft spot for these rookies and was quite pleased with this cute comeback. The MV is adorable with it’s cute story line. I want that girls job! The song is cute and fun. AlphaBAT did start off a bit shaky with their liver performances of this song, but got a lot better with each stage.


Sometimes companies will release a song and call it an “MV” when really all it is is behind the scenes footage or a live performance. My friends and I have come to call these “Non-MVs” It’s an MV, but not really. Two great “Non-MVs” came out this month and though they are not in my top 10 – they definitely need a mention! :)

100% – Summer Hero

100% released “Summer Hero” as a follow up track to “U Beauty”. It’s a fun song. One I enjoyed a lot from their album. This MV is just too adorable though with all the behind the scenes footage of their photo shoots, fan meetings and MV filming for their latest Summer mini album “Sun Kiss”. If you have a soft spot for cute boys, then beware – you will form attachments if you watch this MV. :)

BigFlo – Fly

My favorite rookies of the year surprised us this month with their non-mv for one of the tracks from their mini album “Fly”. I was pretty happy with this as I really loved “Fly”. Maybe only a tiny bit less then “Delilah”. It’s essentially a “Delilah” making of video – but a fun way to do it with one of their great songs.

KPop – A Month in Review – July


July was another busy month in Kpop land with more great comebacks and debuts. There were some great releases in Japan as well – so many that I decided to give them their very own post – so stay tuned!

Top MVs – Korea

1. B1A4 ~ Solo Day
Well I loved a lot of songs this month, but it was the MV that got B1A4 over the line with this fun ‘Summer time’ comeback. Jinyoung did a great job composing this title track for B1A4’s newest mini-album and  the MV is just great! This is the first MV B1A4 have released without a dance, but it was still very entertaining. I liked the quirky plot and the boys were just too cute in it! As I said in my post about this song – the live performance was great too!

2. Infinite ~ Back
This is really my favorite song for the month – possibly for the year. It’s just really awesome. The only reason I couldn’t vote it number one was due to the horrific nature of the MV. I mean seriously, who enjoys watching their favorite idols getting beaten up? Not me that’s for sure. Thankfully they have now released a dance version so I am going to be sneaky and link that MV instead.

3. Block B – HER
Block B finally had  a proper comeback this month with their new song HER. This was a fantastic comeback. The song has that great Block B flavour and the MV is full of energy and fun. I’m glad they got to promote a bit of Jackpot with their comeback stages. I love Jackpot a lot!

4. Henry – Fantastic
Henry is back! Yay! Once again we have Henry showing off his music and dance talents in a good MV. Sure he’s stuck in a box, but there is a little bit of a plot, and the box scenes are pretty cool. I was pretty happy with this comeback – but now I need him to comeback with a song that will blow us away and win him some number 1s!

5. Boys Republic – Dress Up
Boys Republic are one of my more favorite rookie groups. I was very happy to say I was not disappointed with this comeback. I really enjoyed this fun and colourful MV and the song is quite catchy. I’m a sucker for colourful hair and cute concepts and this MV had them all.

6. 100% – U Beauty
Iv’e been a fan of 100% for a while now, and have been very pleased with their comebacks this year considering they are down 2 members. U Beauty is a super catchy song and the MV is very cute. I really liked their dance as well. These boys have some talent, that’s for sure!

7. C-Clown – Let’s Love
My love for C-Clown has grown a lot this year. They are very funny, and their leader is a fellow Aussie! He’s quite talented too, producing their cute YouTube reality series. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out of C-Clowns official YouTube channel. This was another good summer time song. It was catchy and fun with a great performance to go along with it. I also appreciated the abs – thanks Rome…

8. F(x) – Red Light
At first I didn’t really know if I was a fan of this song, but it really grew on me with each performance I watched. I do love F(x) and their unique concepts. This MV was pretty good too. I love the performance, the outfits and all the arty effects. F(x) deserved the wins they got, it’s just a bit sad they were soured somewhat with Sulli’s troubles. Poor Sulli.

There were some other comebacks I liked this month too, but maybe not so much the MVs. Nu’est’s Goodbye and Hyuna’s Red have had a lot of playtime on my iPod. There were also some great debuts!

Top Debuts

Legend – Left Out
I really enjoyed this debut. Legend are a 5 member boy band under the label JK Space. They have some talented vocalists and quite a catchy song. I was sad they weren’t able to promote their song on all the music shows. It must be a hard world out there for debut groups who don’t have a powerful label behind them.

B.I.G – Hello
I know this song is a bit ridiculous, but I really loved this debut. It’s a cute anthem song which introduces them quite well. I love singing along! Whatsup annyeong! B.I.G stands for Boys in Groove and I’m looking forward to what these cute boys bring to us in the future.

LU:KUS – So Into You
LU:KUS finally debuted this month after a somewhat rocky road. I wasn’t initially blown away by their song but I have, somehow, come to listen to it a lot and now I really like it. I liked the costuming and dance in the MV.


And that’s it for July! Better late then never! :)

Super Junior are BACK!!!!!!!

SM surprise dropped the new SuJu MV this evening and boy if it isn’t the greatest thing ever I don’t know what is!!! </completely biased>

Ok, so I am super biased when it comes to Super Junior, but it really is a great song and MV. Suju aren’t stuck in a box (for most of the MV) and they get a ridiculous plot to act out! They characters are hilariously adorable. The outfits are amazing – in particular those red suits! The only thing missing is my Yesung.

Super Junior ready to come back!!!!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, but not busy enough to miss posting about my all time favorite Kpop group! I’m so excited and ready for Super Junior to come back! Our faithful leader is back and we are ready to go!!! Bring on Mamacita!

The teaser photos were fantastically ridiculous, and so is this MV teaser. I really can’t wait! Even if my bias is off in the army. :(

So this is happening!


B1A4 are coming to town!!!!! I really can not describe how ridiculously excited I am right now. I love love LOVE B1A4 and can not wait to see them live! No expense shall be spared! I’m gonna see my Sanduel up close! EEEeee!

The promoter has also said they will be doing a High-Touch event!

September is not going to come soon enough!

The left us a cute message! Let’s fly!!!!

Kpop Song of the Week – B1A4 ~ Solo Day

Earlier this week one of my favorite groups had a comeback! Tonight they performed on M-Countdown with two great stages! B1A4 are back and I’m loving it!

Solo Day is an upbeat fun summer song celebrating being single! It’s the complete opposite of summer in Australia right now so it’s nice having a cheery song to sing along to on the way to work on these gloomy mornings. Jinyoung did a good job with this song. It’s fun and catchy. I really enjoyed the MV too. B1A4 were cute in it, acting in their various roles. It was a little bit ridiculous – but that’s why we love B1A4! I particularly love that moment on the beach when Baro is all happy at having picked up a UFO on his cute UFO detecting gear and the other four boys are all staring at it with daft expressions.

This was B1A4’s first MV which was all story and no dancing so I had no idea what to expect from their live stage. I was hoping for something cute – and I think they delivered!

As an intro they performed one of the other tracks from their 5th Mini-Album – 물 한잔 ~ A Glass of Water. It was a great stage too! I really love this song so I was very pleased they chose this one to perform.

What did you think of B1A4’s comeback?